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Certified Fort Worth Roof Inspections

Roof deterioration is simply a part of owning a building of any sort. Regardless of location, materials or maintenance, it’s still going to happen over the years. Our team of experts at Bass Roofing & Restoration know all there is about roofing systems, and have the expertise needed to do a thorough inspection on your home.

Fort Worth Texas Roof Inspection Professionals

Our roof inspections can pinpoint improper installations, water and hail damage, drainage issues, and damaged shingles quickly and accurately. Texas is notorious for severe weather, so it’s no surprise that most of the damage we see comes from high winds, hail and basic wear and tear. If you suspect you have any of these, contact Bass today to schedule an inspection.

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Why Have an Inspection Done?
What We Look For in a Roof Inspection

Maybe you’re having problems with your roof, maybe it’s old or, perhaps, you just want to take care of any necessary maintenance. Whatever the reason, it will leave your roof a happier, healthier place in the long run. Annual inspections help you stay on top of repairs, which elongates the life of your roof and prevents major problems from forming. It’s difficult to identify many roofing issues without a professional, so hiring a licensed, certified roof inspector in Fort Worth is your best bet.

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If your Fort Worth home experienced a severe storm or you suspect there may be an overall roofing issue, contact us today for an expert inspection by Bass Roofing & Restoration.

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Roofing Insurance Claims in Fort Worth

Once it’s been determined that your roof does require work that is covered by insurance, you will want a contractor present when you meet with the insurance adjustor. This will ensure that all of the roof repair and replacement costs are covered and that you’re treated well.

Once the claim has been approved, you’ll want a top Fort Worth roofing company that knows how to deal with insurance companies. This is where we really step in. We’ll be the go-between for you and your insurance company, ensuring that everything is done properly and that there’s no miscommunication or unfair treatment.

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Bass Roofing and Restoration is there for every step of the way. From the inspection with a certified expert to handling the insurance claims process all the way to the actual repairs, we’ll get it done right.

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