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Three Reasons we should be Thankful for our Roofs

After a long year, we’re all rounding the corner to the last lap. With the days growing colder, family making plans with each other, and the holidays right around the corner it’s hard to not feel thankful for the things we do have. With all of the trials and tribulations that we were handed, it’s also very important that we’re able to find the things that helped us even if we took them for granted.

Now, while we dig for what we were most grateful for, just remember that your home has possibly played a larger role than ever in helping you feel safe this year. Sure, it might not be at the top of your list but your home and the roof over your head sure should make the cut somewhere. Truly, having a roof to keep us warm is something we should all be extremely grateful for.

Here at Bass Roofing, we certainly are thankful for that. While we all reflect on the blessings that we give our thanks to, here’s a few reasons that we came up with to feel thankful for our roofs.

For Protecting our most Valuable Assets

When you purchase a home, it becomes one of the largest – if not the largest – investments that you will ever have. With that notion comes the responsibility of protecting it and making sure that any maintenance or repair is acted on quickly and effectively. There’s always something to work on around the house, but the roof is one of the most important things to keep your eyes on.

If you’re not sure how to spot every little issue that your roof could have, you are not alone. Experts recommend having your roof inspected twice a year to make sure that it’s keeping up with it’s job: protecting you, your loved ones, and your home. Especially when moving into these colder months, you should want the assurance that your roof is going to help keep you warm.

For Boosting the Value of your Home

Whether or not you’re even thinking about putting your house on the market, your roof is silently adding value just by being in good condition (not to mention the factor of curb appeal when you have a particularly good looking roof). Imagine looking at a house to buy and everything is perfect… but the roof has noticeable leaks, maybe even brown patches on the ceiling. Kind of a deal breaker, huh? 

When your roof is in its healthiest condition, it helps the buyers see the list of potential in the home being more positive — especially if the roof has been replaced by a reputable source. Some people don’t really buy houses with the intent of selling them down the line, but even then it’s always a wise idea to keep the roof in tip-top shape.

For Keeping the Cold Outside where it Belongs

Now, Texas might not be known for getting as cold as the northern United States during the winters, but we all know it can still get a bit brisk. At any point of the year, your roof is the last line of defense between you and the elements that are trying to get into your home. A nice, well-maintenanced roof makes your home far more effective at keeping your home balanced all through the year, which can really help in saving a little bit of extra cash.

Not sure where to even start with an inspection or looking for a quote? Contact Bass Roofing today and we’ll help you feel thankful for your roof.


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