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What is the Best Season for Roof Work?

The roof of a home is one of its most crucial components.  We know that when you discover a leak, missing shingles, or any other damage to your roof, it can quite be a stressful time.  This is in part due to how challenging and intensive roof repairs or replacements are; they need to be done by professionals.  The weather conditions and temperature outside have a large impact on any roofing project, and that leaves fall as the best season to choose.  Below we will detail why! 

Stormy Season Has Passed

While the weather we get around Fort Worth can be pretty unpredictable year-round, there are some general patterns we can trust.  Spring tends to bring the rain, with April typically being the wettest month of the year.  In Summer we move into tornado season on top of the thunderstorms, which can result in devastating damage.  Waiting until autumn is the best chance for more mild weather conditions that will help ensure that quality work can be completed on schedule with less obstacles.  

Temperatures are Ideal

Fort Worth summertime is humid and blazing hot, so fall provides more temperate conditions for the workers to do their jobs.  The more reasonable temperatures are also better for a lot of roofing materials.  For example, asphalt shingles need enough heat to properly seal, but not so much heat that it melts the edges and changes their shape.  

Successful Thermal Sealing

As much as you want to avoid extreme heat, you also don’t want temperatures that are too cold.  Shingles turn delicate and can easily break in cold weather.  They also need enough warmth for successful thermal sealing.  This can result in delays in the work schedule.  Fall is the happy middleground.  If your roofing repair or replacement is finished in autumn, the shingles will have time to adhere sufficiently to protect your home from the cold winter temperatures to come.  

Avoid Winter Storms 

Winter often brings with it storms of its own.  While snowy winter storms aren’t typical for us here in Fort Worth, a lot of the US does face this problem.  These storms quickly worsen any pre-existing damage to a roof, which means facing even bigger leaks and other issues.  For states that are predisposed to snow during winter, the weight of the snow and potential damage from ice dam formation can wreak havoc.  It is best to do roofing work before winter to have a strong, damage-free start to this season. 

Lower Heating Costs 

Completing roof work during fall also means your home will be fully protected and insulated going into the coldest months of the year.  This means you will end up spending less money on your heating bill if you don’t need to constantly pump as much to heat inside to keep warm.   At the end of the day, we believe autumn provides the best and safest conditions for roof work.  While you may be able to find slightly lower rates during the winter, there are reasons for the lower price that are just better to avoid.  Also, it isn’t uncommon for roofers to choose other types of work or vacation during winter time, so availability of workers might be lower.  If you have any questions about repairs or are looking for a roof replacement, give us a call and we’ve got you covered!

Hire a Trusted Roofing Company

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