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How Do Flat Roofs Drain Water?

Business owners tend to question flat roofs’ capacity to drain water. Most people are unaware of how the water drains on this type of roof. In many cases people tend to believe that they will experience water pools on the top of the buildings, luckily this is not true. 

There are three types of systems to fulfill the draining needs of a flat roof. Keep reading to find out how the draining process works on flat roofs.

  • Flat Roof Gutters

First, you have to know that flat roofs may look completely flat but in reality they have a slight slope to help with the water drainage. This allows the water to flow through a gutter system. A professional roofing company will guarantee that there will not be any water pool on your commercial roof. 

Second, the water that flows in the roof due to the slope heads into the gutter systems that professionals install on the roof; this avoids floods in the roof. The installed gutters are standardized to the commercial building design to work properly in different weather conditions. These gutters are placed on strategic locations to allow for better water drainage.

  • Integral Drains on Large Flat Roofing

After reading the previous system, you might be wondering what happens when the commercial building flat is too large, like for schools, hotels, or townhouses. The solution is an integral drain. An expert roofing company will place the drain inside the roof’s edge, which has a gentle slope from the walls throughout the foundation.

This system is chosen by business owners who want their place to look better and want to avoid having many gutters outside. Since, with this system, all the water drainage is hidden from plain sight and fulfills its function as effectively as the other system. 

  • Scuppers 

The third system used to drain water on flat roofs is scuppers installation. Scuppers are holes in the outer walls that surround the roof, which allow the water to flow outside of it. These scuppers are installed with downspouts that catch water and direct it far away from the building. This is one of the simplest ways to drain water out of a flat roof, nonetheless it is one of the least used systems today. 

Which One Is Better For You Commercial Flat Roofing? 


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