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How Much Weight Can Your Commercial Roof Support?

It is essential to understand the importance of knowing the weight of your commercial roof because it can prevent huge damages to your buildings. In severe snowstorms, when placing equipment to install decorations, letterings, or when wanting to check, repair, or install something in your roof, you have to know if the roof can hold the equipment and people´s weight. 

Understanding your Roof Weight 

Roofs are made to resist live and death weight loads for the safety of people, structures, and furniture; the difference resides in the material of each roof and the roof’s ages due to the depreciation that may arise throughout the years being exposed to different circumstances. 

Here some of the common roofs weights regarding their material: 

  • Shingle roofs: 20 pounds of dead load per square foot. 
  • Concrete, metal, or clay tile: 27 pounds of dead loads per square foot. 
  • Flat roofs: 100 pounds per square foot.

Consider that other exterior conditions may affect your commercial roof support; like snow for example, whose weight support average for light snowfall varies from 5 to 6 feet of snow per square root. However, some dangerous conditions on your roof decrease the average weight of your roof; keep reading! 

Dangerous Roof Signals 

Before thinking to work on your commercial roof, you should consider that the average support weight may not be the same as stated due to the following factors that you can found on your roof: 

  • Sagging: If you notice that your roof is sagging, you may not want to expose yourself to dangerous situations. Even though it is not all the roof, it may influence equipment or people falling out. 
  • Leaks: It means that moisture got into your roof, and it causes bowing and sagging as well; a bad move can cause damages to the entire roof pieces. You better not try it without experience. 
  • Noises: Your roof may not sound when climbing to it; if you hear a weird noise when moving, you better get down and call an expert. 
  • Weather: Weather damages your roof with time without you noticing it, so if a professional hasn’t inspected your roof, you should not try to install equipment to it. 

Professional Roof Inspection Services FT. Worth 


Bass Roofing is the leading commercial roofing company in Fort Worth and is ready to inspect and repair your roof if needed. You do not have to worry about inspecting it yourself and with fear; we are experts on what we do, and we understand every roof condition and its needs. We also deal with insurance companies to guarantee that every work is properly done. Do not wait any longer to get a FREE roof inspection! 

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